Guide to Healthcare Software Solutions

Helpful Guide to Healthcare Software Solutions for Clinics and Hospitals

Thanks to the ever-evolving software industry, the healthcare sector is undergoing a rapid change over the last few years. Healthcare software is rising steadily the popularity chart across healthcare organisations and clinics. As a result, monitoring patients and managing patient data are now easier and less hassle-free for clinics and hospitals. According to an estimation provided by a topnotch business analyst firm based in Kolkata, India, by 2023 the market value of healthcare software solutions will touch nearly U$ 30 billion.

Almost every renowned healthcare service provider in the country is now considering investing into these software solutions to facilitate a paradigm shift in their quality of service. In the following paragraphs, let’s discuss some software applications that are efficient in providing consistent and seamless experience across the healthcare industry for both patients and medical experts.

Medical practice management software or MPMS

This software has turned into an integral part of hospitals and medical practices in the country. This application is indeed unique in helping you dealing with the minute day-to-day operations in any clinic. Moreover, it is also capable to streamline workflow in medical practices. Tracking comprehensive patient information, including medical history, diagnoses and medical procedures conducted on a patient becomes unbelievably easier with the implementation of this software. Two of the most popular type of MPMS are eClinicalWorks and Prime Suite.

Benefits of MPMS

Some of the amazing benefits that MPMS offers include the following:

  • Optimising operations in medical practices: MPMS processes both data and documents online. As a result it allows employees to search out electronic documents faster.
  • Greater quality care: MPMS also automates routine medical processes, as a result of which, the quality of patient care automatically improves.
  • Greater patient satisfaction: By facilitating standardised workflows and automated features, like instant access to patient records and detailed history of medical treatment, the software allows medical experts to work with greater efficiency. As a result, patient satisfaction improves greatly.

Electronic health record software or EHR

This is amazing software for the healthcare sector. It provides detailed patient information to facilitate treatment and care. The digital application provides information regarding a patient’s:

  • Demography
  • Extensive medical history
  • Allergies and
  • Pathological test results

Moreover, the software application allows seamless information sharing among doctors and medical staffs to facilitate more accurate treatment and care. Some of the most popular software applications in this range include IO Practiceware and CureMD.

Benefits of EHR software

According to the developers working at the topnotch healthcare software development companies in India, medical practices and hospitals can reap many benefits from EHR software including the following:

  • Cost-effective operations: EHR applications are paperless. Thus you not only avoid paperwork but also discard the necessary physical storage space for paper documents when you include EHR software to your system.
  • Improved patient care: The software makes it easier to share crucial patient information among doctors. This facilitates better patient care.
  • Greater efficiency: Apart from fast access to patient information, the range of software also offers centralised chart management, which is an added advantage for healthcare service providers.

e-Prescribing software

This range of software allows doctors to send prescriptions straightaway to pharmacies through the electronic medium. As a result, the right treatment starts earlier cutting down the standard wait time. DrChrono and DrFirst are the two most popular software applications in this range.

  • One of the best things about e-prescribing software is its prescription management as mentioned earlier.
  • It also facilitates accessing a patient’s extensive medical history by collating electronic medical records and database of a pharmacy.
  • The software also allows patients leave feedbacks about the medicines they consume and learn about other alternative medicines and possible side-effects.

Benefits of e-prescribing software

e-Prescribing software offers great benefits to both patients and doctors.

  • Zero prescription error: The range of software applications eliminates the aspect of illegible handwriting on prescriptions. As a result, pharmacists can provide the right medicines with greater ease.
  • Streamlined prescriptions: Doctors can easily cross-reference prescriptions to facilitate more accurate treatment.
  • Zero cases of lost prescriptions: e-Prescribing software eliminates the cases of lost prescriptions.

Hospital management software or HMS

Hospital management software not only handles all patient-related data but also relevant information for doctors and medical staffs. In addition to that it manages all billing information for a patient as well. The objective of creating this range of software is to facilitate more effective management of all aspects of a hospital administration. Some of the popular brands in this category of software applications are SoftClinic and Practo’s Insta.

Any hospital management software caters to the following aspects:

  • Allows hospital staffs to register patient data or demographic patient information
  • Provides online prescriptions along with keeping a tab on their billing
  • Handles data management related to every pathological test on a patient
  • Overall billing management is another great feature that is worth mentioning

Benefits of HMS or hospital management software

The benefits that this range of software provides include the following:

  • Greater patient satisfaction in treatment and recovery
  • The software not only handles prescriptions and treatment history but also billing, tracking availability of beds in hospitals and much more
  • Hospital management software is a centralised system that allows medical experts and support staffs to access necessary information just by a few mouse clicks
  • It allows medical professionals to spend lesser time on administrative processes and focus more on treatment and care for patients

Induji Techologies Private Limited is a renowned healthcare software development company in Kolkata, India. Developers associated with this association suggest this is high-time for hospital authorities to implement automation to the processes related to running of hospitals and clinics. The information provided in this blog post will help you select the right software tool to boost both business and patient satisfaction for your clinics and hospitals.