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At Induji Technologies, you will get your Node JS web and application development services at cost effective prices in Kolkata, India. Our company broad range of customized Node.js development ensure you to create server-side applications for various tasks and our communication is almost second to none. We create products that make our clients feel satisfied and ensure complete guarantee. This is why our esteemed clients prefer us to deliver projects that follow design principles at an affordable price. Our Node.js developers have incorporated JavaScript with different modules for powerful apps without compromising on quality.


We offer end to end Node.JS development, consulting, migration, and team augmentation support.

Node.js Consulting

Our Node.js consulting and audit services evaluate the architecture to begin with. It is the design and plan for the project. By following architecture analysis, our Node.js consulting assesses development processes and performs code reviews.

Node.js Development

Our Node.Js developers are able to build quality products quickly and help in scaling application features in compared with other companies. Whether it is portals, plugins, marketplaces, interactive apps, APIs or custom dashboards, our Node.js development services includes all of them.

Node.js Migration

Our Node.js migration and consulting services deals with the requirements of clients to leverage Node.js and related ecosystem. This migrate different applications that are built on Java, .Net, PHP or other framework to Node.js.


Node.js Team Augmentation

Our dedicated team of Node.js architects and developers follows distributed development model. You can scale the team up and down easily based on your requirement.


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Overview of Node JSDevelopment

Node.js development is gaining popularity all over the world. With V8 javascript engine that has been developed by Google, it is considered to be the most preferred technology for any product company that focuses on concurrency, intensive data exchange like text chat engines and videos, online games, speed, collaboration tools and real-time tracking apps.

By developing apps with the help of Node.js, you can improve the experience of users as it maintains constant connection from the browser back to the server without refreshing web pages. Our experts have been using Node.js development services for the purpose of building real-time and scalable applications.

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Advanced Data Handling

Node.js develops efficient web servers and processes with JavaScript. It is compatible with Windows NonStop, OS X and UNIX servers that create scalable data exchanges to deal with the recent influxes of the big data revolution. As data is becoming faster, new solutions need to ensure bottlenecks do not form and the link between data retrieval and data storage are fast and effective. Our Node.js development services are at the front position of the ongoing drive for an efficient backend.


Node.js can scale effortlessly with the module system that reduces costs as you do not need to add servers. It provides better efficiency when handling large spikes of data requests. We deal with different systems that manage serious traffic volumes.


  • Customer-centric engagement
  • Using the latest development strategies and proven methodologies
  • Quality services with Transparency
  • Context driven applications
  • Consistency and predictability in our services
  • Multidisciplinary team of professionals that widen the scope of services to the clients
  • Secure & Affordable Development
  • Modern Infrastructural Facilities
  • Effective consultation that is strategic as technology is concerned


Node.js is a chosen framework for building servers that manage thousands of applications, connections, demanding intensive data exchange (text chat, video and real-time tracking applications), single web page and responsive mobile applications where complete web page refreshes mean building prototypes and bad user experience.

Our Node.js developers, architects and consultants have developed and migrated several applications and are aware about the Node.js universe which includes popular backend frameworks. By availing benefit of the high-performance, lightweight and speed that Node.js provides, our Node.js consulting and development services build both client-side and server-side web applications that has social and video integrations for the clients.

Yes, it will in most cases as Node.js platform is based on an event-driven architecture. This leads to scalable back-end architecture with fast compilation to machine code results. Whether your present application has these benefits, it will depend on audit results of the current application. Our Node.js consultation and migration team will be happy to consult and discuss about a road-map that is suitable according to your context with or without Node.js.

Our experts work using the latest materials on fixed price models and within the specified time. In most cases, we appoint a dedicated team of professionals that work on a specific project only for the time period.

Our Node.js development projects use Agile methodologies. We have years of experience with XP, Kanban and Scrum practices. We follow an incremental and iterative software development that is supported by state-of-the-art engineering practices for delivering software expectations of the uses within the specified time.

Yes, definitely. We use several technologies based on the context and requirements of the application state. We may choose AngularJS or ReactJS for the front-end, ExpressJS or HapiJS for the middle-layer and several options for Databases that is