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5 Considerable Aspects at the Time of Ecommerce Website Development

Obviously web development is really complex! In any upcoming web development project, the entire development team has to consider an array of aspects for the accurate buildup. It ranges from performance of the site to user experience. Whenever it is about building of any enterprise website it is about complex and large-scale procedure.

But Ecommerce site itself is a great challenging project to perform owing its own specific aspects. Although users will visit to see the product, know about it details and make purchase accordingly yet the developers perform everything they can as per true to their knowledge to make the entire procedure intuitive and easy.

Apart from the usability considerations, other factors to be considered during the development of an Ecommerce site are discussed in this blog. Read on to know them!    

  1. Responsive Design

The usages of mobile have witnessed a whopping increase and still expanding! It plays an integral role in influencing the Ecommerce sales resulting in direct impact on the traffic.  As per the recent study it has been observed that 1/4th of the total Ecommerce ales are performed via Smartphone on a daily basis.

It clearly indicates that mobile optimization is essential for your Ecommerce website to offer the best possible user experience to the users irrespective of the device they use for accessing your site to make a purchase. Therefore leverage of Responsive Design is prevalent for making the site easily usable and accessible on every device with varied screen sizes.

This is the key to the grand success of your Ecommerce site. It can be achievable with the help of the Episerver CMS and Episerver Ecommerce has the potentiality to implement the responsive design of the site automatically. Several other platforms are there for utilizing the responsive website design as well but need additional configuration.

No matter which platform you are using for the responsive design of the site it is imperative to keep the mobile device always in the mind starting from navigation to payment and checkout. These are the key elements of an Ecommerce website which can be neglected to attain grand success.     

  1. Guest Checkouts Support

The organizations which own Ecommerce sites always prefer the users who make account for making consistent purchase from their respective site. It also encourages the futures sales from the website by developing a follow-up communication. It enables the easy tracking of the demographic information of the customers for analyzing sales.

However, the truth is not everyone wants the account set up procedure for buying the product. It is really beneficial for the customers who are impressed with your site and come back over again and again to buy varied goods. They do so for saving their choices and preferable goods on the wishlist to buy them in the future.

In fact, they are also notified for the upcoming sales offered by the site as well. Still, making purchase without an account is the great idea for the one-time buyers. This is one of the Ecommerce website design mistakes most developers make leading to loss of potential one-time buyers. 

Pro tip: If you still want to influence the users for making an account on your site, the process must be designed in such a way so that the users can check the full guest checkout procedure. Moreover, the account should be made on the basis of the information put by the respective consumers.  

  1. Importance of Site Search

As per the Statistics, a certain percentage of the customers of the Ecommerce sites use the search bar for finding out the most relevant products as per their need! Therefore, the availability of the search bar is pivotal with its easy usage facility. Moreover, autocomplete feature is a great decision indeed for utilization of the related items or products as per the searches.

There is another way by which you can help the users in finding the products and that is faceted search. Actually it gets represented in the form of filter which allows the user to narrow their choice in varied ways with the inclusion of manufacturer, price range, size, department and much more!

Actually this functionality allows the users to look for the exact products and items by limiting the extent of their searches.

Pro tip: For making the search comes out as the best possible results, product information should be well-organized and well-defined. This will make the faceted search and its search results much better!

  1. Essentiality of Security

Every Ecommerce site supports SSL for the encryption of information to keep them stored in the most secured way. It is really necessary and applicable for the payment information and credit card. Besides that certain customer information such as email, phone number and address should be kept private as well.

Customers make minimal expectation that their information and card or banking details will remain safe with making an online purchase. Thus, SSL is not only regarded as the good idea rather it is an essential element instead to let the customers trust you to use you as their e-store for maintaining the discreet of the personal information.

Additionally, security is important for meeting the PCI compliance of any business that accepts the payment via credit cards.

Pro tip: Although SSL is there for ensuring the information privacy and security yet it is advised not to store them in the database of the site. May be it makes the job easier for the customers to make payments but it possesses a great security risk. In case the database gets compromised, liability comes over you regarding the compensation of the loss of the customers.

  1. Optimization of the Site Performance

Slow sites are more vulnerable to lose the potential customers. As per the Stats, it has been noticed that a website which consumes more than 3 seconds to load fully has been abandoned by the visitors. Moreover, it results in permanent lose which means that they will never come back to such sites again.

Nowadays, it is a great aspect to consider as most people use Smartphones which are multi-tasking and they can switch to anything else if the site comes out to be slow. You have to deal with the loading time of the website to retain more and more customers. So, optimization of the speed of loading is essential and can be attained seamlessly in the following ways:

  • Use of cache for alleviating the time to send the data within the database server and web server
  • Compressed images that present that best quality visuals in the smallest size possible declining the time of download at the same time
  • Combination of the CSS resource file or JavaScript of the site for accelerating the interaction speed of the site allowing the users to download only a single style sheet or JavaScript file

Prioritizing these elements at the time of Ecommerce website development ensures the presentation of the best ever user experience to the consumers. Apart from these, other potential aspects are also there for the development of your site. These are a concrete plan for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), organized data storage and targeting the potential users with the help of your content.

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