Ecommerce Website UI/UX Design

Ecommerce Website UI/UX Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

A number of Ecommerce websites can be noticed sprouted in the Web. It is so; because now selling a product doesn’t remain tough any more. It allows the entrepreneur of dreaming big and making it comes true. But at the same time, due to certain pitfalls many sites fail to generate revenue resulting in uprooting of the business.

The key essentiality of the website is its specific design that determines the UI/UX. It comprises of the issue-solving approach to pinpoint the peripheral factors leading as an obstacle in the business. Failing in the initial stage is best method to find out the most desirable and relevant UI/UX design of the website.

When it comes to Ecommerce web development, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) of the site play a pivotal role behind its grand success. Read on this blog to know more.

Way to Identify That UI/UX Design Negatively Affects Your Ecommerce


  • Business Shopping Cart Abandonment- After adding any product in respective shopping cart any customer can leave the site without making checkout procedure. But on returning they can’t find their added products in the cart which make the customers fall in big trouble. It is a major problem to be addressed immediately by the online retailers as well.

  • High Bounce Rate- Bounce rate refers to the rate of visitors turn away the site after navigating one page only. When the customers can’t find any relevant products in your Ecommerce website surely they will leave the site in no time leading a high bounce rate. Average bounce rate of any Ecommerce website and application is 33%. Furthermore, retailers are also advised to put product description and interesting facts for enhancing the user engagement.

The key problem is regarding the UI/UX design which is why Ecommerce websites cannot ear the customer attention. Some common mistakes which must be avoided are discussed below:

1. Creation of Complex Navigation Interface

For any Ecommerce website the navigation interface must be intuitive and simple so that user can easily understand and go for it. Multiple sort and filter options should be imposed so that the users can narrow their choice as per their preferences and find out the right product from wider range of collection.

In fact, it also needs a comprehensive search option as well. Breadcrumb navigation is the right choice for any Ecommerce website as it will let the users know where they are standing and guide to navigate out of the latest page.

2. Irrelevant Product Descriptions and Poor Quality Image

  • Incoherent product descriptions can generate a number of issues besides affecting the business badly. Some of the instances are given below:
  • Poor product images that consume much time to load
  • Incomplete or vague product descriptions (lack of specifications)
  • No placing of CTAs to encourage the visitor to make a purchase
  • Missing of the chance to display related content that can entice the visitors to spend more time in your site

On the other hand, product descriptions and images of good quality will ensure you about;

  • Complete, accurate and engaging product descriptions
  • Clear product images with fine detailing
  • Relevant and info-stuffed content that allows the consumer to decide immediately to take an action
  • Related content will be showcased on every page offering multiple additional options to the visitors

Ways to Check How Irrelevant Product Descriptions and Poor Quality Image Interfering Your Ecommerce Business

  • Returns and Refunds- typically consumers request for refund and return of the product just because of the mismatch of the product image and delivered product. It’s not about losing a sale only but also all future sales from that specific customer.

  • Negative Customer Reviews- Negative reviews will surely keep you amazed by showing the inaccuracies within the delivered product and product image. Always they come with a common regrettable remark- this is not the expected product. Sometimes fitting and size problems are also there.

3. No Contact Information

According to a survey it has been discovered that 51% of the Ecommerce websites lack from the key element information i.e., contact information. This No Phone Number or Contact Information leads to losing of the users permanently as they leave it immediately after getting annoyed!

4. Lack of Q&A Sections and Users Forum

UGC (User-generated Content) is highly preferred by Google and Q&A section is the most imperative part of it. There are many brands and retailers where you can notice 2:1 ratio of the questions and answers. It offers lot of information to the new customers and some of them verify it too.

It acts as the living FAQ of the site or product page. As these are evergreen make sure it is visible to everyone as it has the ability for driving conversion too! Moreover, once the question is answered the interrogator will receive a notification shortly stating about the answer on the website.

5. Non Prioritize of Product Details

A website can be trusted after full product description will be displayed on the product page. Users are only about take any decision regarding any action after multiple images of the same product is given along with detailed reviews of the other users.

Even the price of the product on your site is relatively affordable users feel hesitate to buy considering the fact of duplicate products. Only by offering sharing option and displaying related product great traffic can be diverted for your product page and the website in general. 

6. Confusing Users with CTA and Content Links

Most importantly, there mustn’t be any confusion with CTAs (Call to Actions) and content links. Web Development Company should place the CTAs prominently and far from colors, whitespaces and normal content size. It doesn’t need any ambiguous title and describe the next action of the users in crisp. Both secondary and primary CTAs can be differentiated well such as “Continue Shopping” and “Checkout” respectively.

7. Complex Checkout Procedure

Streamlining is necessary for performing checkout process for an Ecommerce website. Shopping cart should be features in such a way so that it is visible from any page of the site. Ambiguity must be eliminated by including the shipping fees and other charges in the cart.

Moreover, it must allow the customers to order their picks without having an account. It can be done so by filling personal information while placing an order. The designation of the entire procedure must assure fast completion.  

Checkout Process Can Be Improved by the Following Ways:

  • Checkout should be mobile-friendly
  • Progress indicator should be used
  • Payment options need to be generous
  • Eradicate the necessity of login or membership
  • Security features need to be put at every step- Lack of payment security is the prime cause of abandonment of online shopping. As the online retailers it is your responsibility to convince the customers that your payment option is safe and fully secured. It can be done so by showing the padlock and badge of improved security. Then only the visitors will go for an action in your website.
  • Minimal essential information can be requested- Those days were gone when to place an online order large forms need to be filled up. As less information as you ask for more chance will be there for your user to make an order.

8. Hidden Fees

Hidden fees is a clear indication of poor customer service in terms of Ecommerce business as it raises a big interrogation sign to the trust of the site by the customers. It is only fine in financial sector as they charge a fixed amount as investment and it is not necessary to disclose it.

But many times taxes of the websites are included in its products’ price and it needs to be disclosed. Otherwise, there will be repeat customers for your website in the future hampering your reputation and recommendation. For any startup it will be the toughest challenge to survive in such condition.    

9. Small Screen and Big Screen

As number of mobile users have reached such a whopping number it is always suggested to make the website mobile-friendly. It is a great decision for small Ecommerce startup as they don’t have to pay separately for maintaining the site both for desktop and Smartphone.

Moreover, any mobile-created website can be easily rendered on the desktops and small screen is regarded as its primary source of surfing. All you have to do is to make sure that the website is rendered efficiently on both mediums. 

10. Customers Aren’t Aware What is Necessary to Do

A survey reveals that any user sticks to a website for below 60 seconds. Can you imagine that! Therefore, you have to utilize every second for impressing and gaining the attention of the users. If you fail to do so in the given time frame you will lose them forever. They will leave the site in not time by adversely affecting your website and increasing the bounce rate!

11. No Mentioning of Contact Information, Return and Shipping Policy

Shipping and return policy is essential and hence needs to be displayed prominently. It helps in instilling a trust about your website in the mind of the customers due to precise stating of the vital information.

Furthermore customer also wants to get connected with you on an urgent basis in case there is any problem. Therefore, any accessible place is ideal to position contact information for the sake of the customers. 

The above-mentioned mistakes should be avoided while making an Ecommerce website for your startup. It is always better to hire an experienced and dedicated team of developers from a reputed web development company in India to get the job done in its most efficient way.