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Induji Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a reputed web based software solutions company in Kolkata, India that specialise in web applications for custom software development. We develop web applications and software to meet the objectives of our clients, ranging from small to enterprise level businesses. Our web developers possess expert knowledge of innovative and result-driven web based software development that is easy to use for the business requirements of clients.


What we offer to our valuable clients

Software Application Development
Cloud applications
Project management systems
Mobile Application
Support and Maintenance
Web application
Data analytic software
Offshore software development
Data management software

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To discuss our web based software development services, let us first give you a brief idea about what web based software is.

What does web based software mean?

Web based software is a software application that strictly runs on a server. Users connect to this special software through their own individual computers using Internet browsers (like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and others). Web based software is also known as web-based application and is similarly used by both businesses and consumers. Common examples of web based software include various social networking sites, online store fronts and webmail. Besides, high-end software applications like accounting and CRM software and online collaboration fall under this category.

What is web based software and web application development?

Web apps are basically software applications based on the Cloud technology and are also known as ‘cloud applications’. These can be easily accessed from modern electronic gadgets like smartphone, tablet and personal computer with an Internet connection. Web apps or cloud applications have high practical utility and are widely used in the world of business and commerce.

What can web apps do?

Web apps can just help you in anything that you can imagine. To put it in simple words, these are similar to conventional software, but with much higher efficiency level. Without these cloud applications, it is almost impossible to manage workflow, handle project management systems, sharing documents, online databases and maintain time entry systems.

What are the benefits of web based software?

Web based software solutions offer a range of impressive benefits. These include:

  • Makes it easier to share information and collaborate opportunities .
  • Accessing information from any geographical location using the Internet .
  • Solid security firewalls .
  • Cost-effective deployment.
  • Fast to develop, easy to install and maintain.
  • Speedy distribution of updates and software.

eCommerce Solutions we offer

First, what is web-based software anyway?

Web-based software is software you use over the internet with a web browser. You don’t have to install any CDs, download any software, or worry about upgrades. If you use an online bank or web-based email program like Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo Mail then you’ve already used web-based software before.

Why is web-based software good for my business?

On using web based software solutions, you can be free of any7 technical worries and concentrate on what i important for you in growing your business. We will do the rest for you like security, upgrades, backups and uptime.

It is safer

Traditional software doesn’t sound safe for employees and business owners who save their data on USB drives, laptops, portable drives, etc. Our web based software allows you to have daily backup of all your files secured and stored confidentially with updated business-class servers in a modern secured data centre.

We are your all time partners:

We use the same servers as you do, to secure our confidential and secure data. This will make you feel comfortable that we use our own products which we offer you.

Everything collected at one place

The best thing about web-based software is that you access the centralised information from anywhere and any device, any time you want. There is no risk of leaving data on a wrong desktop, as you have all the information stored in a centre location.

Everyday data backup automatically

We have a record of preserving the data of each of our clients till date, and we assure the same to you. We would say that even our backups have backups.

We always provide you the best and latest

On the contrary with traditional software which requires you to install and download updates by your own, we offer you products updated automatically. Each time you use our product, it is the best and latest version.

You never have to install anything

Our software doesn’t have anything to install or download. It is as simple as your bank account or email; you only need to make a login through your regular web browser.

All your trust worthy partners has the information

As the data is secured in a centralised account, each of your work partners will have an access to the data. So, you always know that everybody has the latest information.

You are free to work from home

With our web-based software, you can set up your office anywhere. You can access your data anywhere and everywhere, be it at home, at a client’s office or a hotel room.

No doubt of compatibility

Our software works on any and every platform. So you need not worry about its compatibility. We support all – Mac, Linux and Windows.


At Induji Technologies Pvt Limited, we use the cutting-edge technology for developing web based software applications for clients. Our developers have unparallelled expertise on Java, PHP, .NET and Microsoft platforms. Moreover, we also work on Python and Ruby-on-Rails.


We work on both hosted and downloaded options to develop web based software applications. Hosted software or software-on-demand or software-as-a-service is ready for use the moment you get registered online and has both free and paid versions. On the other hand, downloaded option requires more technical skill and monetary involvement to download and install a software on a client’s server.