Custom Software Development Company in India

We are a reputed software development company in India, located at 5/E (26) Port Blair Line (E), Chiriamore, Barrackpore, Kolkata - 700120. At Induji Technologies Pvt. Ltd, we try to adopt the best practices for delivering robust, secure and scalable software development services to different startups, SMEs, and enterprises.


Our custom software development company allow businesses to revolutionize and gain competitive edge with expert delivery of creative and customised software. Our professionals have provided more than 300+ customized software solutions by using the latest technologies such as-IoT, Machine Learning, Blockchain and AR/VR, Artificial Intelligence.


Types of Custom Software We Develop

Web Based Software

Web based software is the most popular option among consumers and businesses. This type of software has greater efficiency level and can carry out any task.

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Desktop Based Software

If you are looking for an effective solution to meet your business needs, then our dedicated team of professionals can help with specialization in desktop based software.

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Our Custom Software Development Services

You may contact our development team who will finish big projects or build new software solution or application from the scratch with Induji Technologies.

Customer Relationship Management or CRM Solutions

Our software developers and engineers create custom CRM solutions that fulfil business objectives, install and migrate industry-based platforms, such as SugarCRM, Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft Dynamicsand more for seamless CRM integration.

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP Solutions

We build custom ERP solutions by upgradingour solutions or developing ERP systems from the scratch. They have been designed to cover core functions of business such as distribution management and inventory, accounting, productionand more.

Payment Processing Solutions/Point-of-Sale

Our point-of-sale (POS) programmers includeindustry-based solutions and POS terminals such as-Worldpay, Clover, Stripe, Ingenico, Verifone and more into your business systems for easy payment transactions.

AI & IoT-Connectivity Solutions

We try to incorporateembedded software and firmware through a host of AI-powered IoT and M2M deviceswhich consist of smart home equipment, consumer electronics,wearable technologies, industrial automation mechanisms (IIoT) and more.

Result-driven Industrial Software Solutions

Our team of developers has extensive experience in building industry-specific building custom software solutions and applications.

IT Industry

Information technology or IT is the field of computers for storing, retrieving, studying, transmitting and manipulating adequate data or information for any businesses or enterprises. This industry comprises of CRM software, business process outsourcing, software management, HRM software, consultancies, software development, online services and payroll software for small business.

Real Estate Industry

Real estate is about purchasing, letting and selling residential as well as commercial properties. The specific sector is a major driver of economic growth and construction of new buildings. With real estate software for the agents and brokers, you will know more about small business software and property management.

Automotive Industry

Automotive industry comprises of different companies and organizations involved in the designing, developing, marketing, manufacturing and selling of vehicles. It is amongthe top economic sectors of the world for earning revenue. By using automative industry software, businesses and manufacturers will be able to search for products and services in the relevant field.

Accounting & Finance Sector

Accounting and finance isabout financial systems with the best accounting software and financial management software. These professionals play a vital role in the functioning of all types of small business accounting software. You should know how to use numerical and financial software for your career growth in several sectors.

Health Care Industry

Health care is about improving the condition of your health and maintaining it with proper diagnosis, prevention and treatment of injury, disease and other physical impairments. The experienced physicians and experts use healthcare software for treating the patients successfully.

Education Sector

There is great demand for jobs in the education sector. Different employment opportunities in this field and software for education sector might vary from teaching to giving training to human resources and finance department. These jobs are for protecting the integrity of educational institutions and maintaining well-being of the industry.

Retail Market Industry

Retail marketing is about how the retailers promote their products and services to customers. This is a good way to grab attention of clients towards your business and generating more sales for making higher profit with retail software. Different store management software and billing software for retail shop are used by retailers for promoting their business.

eCommerce Industry

eCommerce industry is commercial or business dealings that is related tosharing important information by means of Internet. eCommerce software is about different businesses starting from consumer retail sites through auction to conducting business of goods and services between shopping cart software and corporation.


Related Software Service

Software Consulting

Our professionals will evaluate your needs and come up with possible custom software solutions. They will give advice on the latest technologies and architecture design with an estimation of the cost and timing.

End-to-end Software Development

We try to support through the entire software development cycle which includes from the analysis of initial needs, engineering to adopting and implementing new software solution.

Legacy Software Modernization

We re-architect or re-code your legacy solutions with modern technologies and architectural patterns for migrating them to the cloud, extending their reach, functionality, and more.

Software Integration

We will implement new software with the help of other tools you already use-custom-made or platform-based-such as CRM, ERP, MES, PDM, customer portals, vendor and more.

Our Unique Work Approach and Procedure

We adopt supple method for our projects and work together with our esteemed clients in a constant and fast paced environment. Software is tested in the iteration for better quality and clients find their software development services company is taking proper shape by means of the development cycle.


Research and Discovery


Validating and Shaping Idea


Design and Prototyping




Testing and Quality Assurance


Maintenance and Support

Why choose Induji Technologies for Custom Software Development

  • Custom software development company having more than 6+ years of experience.
  • 300+ success stories of clients
  • Full-cycle software development
  • 76% of revenue comes from 1+ year-long customers
  • Mature quality management system from ISO 9001:2015 certificate that allows implementing projects in full alignment with quality, budget and time of customers
  • Guaranteed security of the data of customers

Cost of Custom Software Development

The cost of custom software development is based on the project's scale and complexity for severalfactors such as:

  • Type of software and number of platforms to support such as desktop, mobile and web
  • Different kinds of software features
  • Custom software design complexity and uniqueness
  • Number and complexity of integrations with other software system
  • Infrastructure requirements such as performance, availability, scalability, security and latent capacity
  • We are happy to give you an estimation of your project.

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Outsourcing Offshore Software Development Services

Offshore software development allows organizations to avail high-end software and affordable solutions to meet their IT requirements with experts from a distant software company. You can get in touch with us for innovative software solutions at economical rates.


Developers with Programming Expertise

Our experienced developers possess keen understanding of leveraging frameworks, programming languages and other software development tools to create suitable solution for your business needs..

Programming Languages

  • Python
  • C#
  • Java
  • JavaScript


  • React
  • ASP.Net
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Angular

Induji Technologies Expands Its Software Services to Australia and Saudi Arabia

Induji Technologies Private Limited includes Australia and Saudi Arabia for its software solutions and services. The prominent software development company in India already has considerable client base in the country. Top-class, transparent and dedicated service that it provides, proves helpful in its expansion drive.