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Tracking Business Location Data through Amplifiers

According to a columnist, Adam Dorfman, data amplifiers have the power to ensure that the business location data is accurate and reliable online. If you are paying for your location data to be managed directly on tier-two directories, then it is like buying followers on Twitter. Although you might believe that you are purchasing more visibility, you are actually wasting your hard-earned money and dedicated effort. Well, all directories do not require the same attention.

A directory is said to be "tier-two" when it lacks proper visibility in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Tier-two directories were favored by Google's search algorithm for making local queries however, they are not now. They are a part of local search conversation due to their past status that makes it difficult for businesses to make informed decision about where to invest location marketing spend.

Benefits of data amplifiers

When it comes to data amplifiers, they include publishers like Google and Apple and data aggregators like Infogroup that ensure the business location data is available to the places where visitors perform near me searches.

Data amplifiers are becoming important since near me searches are growing in number and places where they take place. Someone looking for a dentist or a dental clinic will rely on Google Maps or Apple Spotlight Search. Data amplifiers guarantee that a brand's location data can be seen at all places where moments of discovery take place.

As per SIM Partners proprietary research, businesses that have improved accuracy and reached location data by 20 percent have seen high amount of traffic to their location pages increase nearly 450 percent and on-page conversion rates enhance by 216 percent.

Reviewing the data of a client

When a search is done for the physicians, they seem to appear on high-value listings. But the listing did not appear on first 10 pages of search results.

The result is not at all shocking. According to a Bright Local Survey, local SEOs think that quality of quotations matter less these days and the quality matters more. They are not the same way link signals have changed in the recent years according to Google's core ranking algorithm.

Other than this, the citation-related metrics seems to have dropped its importance since the year 2013. According to the study of Local SEO Guide's recent Local SEO Ranking Factors, quotations have an important role in getting business into a snack pack however, have less importance in how a business improves its ranking.

Citations are yet very important. Businesses need to consider them as table stakes for improving online visibility. If you are publishing accurate citations on the marginal sites, it might become less significant on how your brand ranks.

Instead of overpaying to correct a listing that has minor value to client’s business, it is suggested that client share the data that feeds data to relevant directories. The directory states that businesses can claim and manage listings absolutely for free by logging in, which has not been possible for some time.

This incorrect information causes more perplexity when the local businesses receive email solicitations that their location data should be corrected. When businesses evaluate their faulty location data, the site recommends that local search vendor should know how to solve the problem instantly.

Set Free Your Location Data

If your brand seems to operate on different locations, you need to consider these things:

  • Build relationships with data amplifiers to set your data free as a precious asset. Alternatively, you can work with a location marketing platform provider that manages relationship for you.

  • Be careful of organizations that try to allure you with increased visibility by means of paid inclusion model - particular the one that is connected to a closed-loop advertising platform.

  • Have a keen eye when assessing individual quotations. You may ask yourself how soon customers will see the quotations of your business. When creating ranking algorithms, how you will see the citation source. Also, you should consider Web analytics to know how often quotation sources are sending traffic to your website.

Amplify your location data through amplifiers and make sure that your listings are never captivated under any circumstance.