Frameworks Of Cross Platform App Development

Top 5 Frameworks Of Cross Platform App Development for Mobile App Developers in 2020

The era of mobile application is booming! Most of the businesses are trying to convince and satisfy their customers with the iOS and Android platforms. Hence, they have selected these two platforms for their medium to reach to the customers and serve them despite anything.

As it can be achieved only with the help of the apps the massive demand has paved a great move for expansion of the cross-platform app framework.

Besides, benefitting the users it is beneficial for the developers as well.  The code has the power for using multiple times being written at once from any other platforms. Always the mobile applications developers in India thrive to deliver top quality and advanced cross-platform technologies.

The common dilemma is to use which framework at what instance. For eradicating the confusion, check some top frameworks of the cross-platform app development which can incorporate you in the task. Read on the blog to know. 

Benefits of Cross Platform App Development

This specific framework allows the app developers for developing and constructing compatible mobile application to the operating systems- Android and iOS. This helps in building the codes once at a time and uses it in varied platforms. In other words, it offers multiple opportunities to the applications compatible to the operating system. A number of outstanding benefits can be witnessed while using it. Some of them are mentioned here: 

  • Reusing of the codes:

    The unique code is to be utilized in several platforms for preserving effort management in comparison to other platforms.
  • Cost-efficacy:

    In contrary to native app development, it offers development at much reasonable prices. It is so; because the code is built once at a time and can be used for several times.
  • Component Constituency:

    It thrives to deliver native and uniform UI components for several devices with different OS.
  • Cloud Integration:

    With the help of the cloud environment, a cross platform app can be integrated effortlessly. The enterprise plugin helps in rapid cloud integration.
  • Technical Barriers:

    For building such an app, highly experienced developers and professionals are needed with much expertise in JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML.
  • Host Management:

    With easy hosting facility, it is efficient till it satisfies the customers’ requirements.

Some Popular Frameworks of Cross Platform App Development

Some top cross platform mobile application development frameworks are discussed here for your reference. This will help in narrowing your choice for selecting the most appropriate one for your business requirements. Let’s have a look at them.


Flutter is launched by Google and known as open-source SDK mobile app development. This modern Android multi-platform application development framework is basically composed in Dart Style. During determining the mobile application development framework it is the most popular form of the hybrid application construction.

2D render motor called Skia is used for improving the image quality. It perfectly matches elements composition with that of the Cupertino method. Testing of the application is much comfortable on Flutter for the top mobile app developers in India. In case there is any fault, no necessity of start the plan.

Benefits of Flutter Mobile Application Development Framework:

  • Project can be tested easily
  • Visuals are improvised with 2D rendering engine
  • Perfect for the accommodation of the hybrid app development
  • Projects will not get started if any mistake is found

React Native

A highly efficient professional team of Facebook has launched it on 2013. Within a short span of time it has acquired a huge popularity as the best solution to those who get stuck in the middle of app development. With the help of this cross-platform app development framework relevant solutions can be explored with much vigor.

Not only reusing facility of the code but it also offers short time for full development of the app as per client’s need. Even it proffers the user with ready-made elements for having the preview of the result too. Innumerable native functionalities can be obtained with it and thus the app obtained a native-like interface.

Benefits of the React Native Mobile App Development Framework:

  • It can be usable for web development
  • Less memory is consumed
  • It is much swifter in contrary to other frameworks
  • Regarded as open-source framework
  • It is compatible with certain plugins
  • Reusing of the components is available


Being launched in 2011, this hybrid application development framework is really attractive for the cross platform app development. Supported by Microsoft, this open source allows the developers for constructing apps for different operating systems including Windows, Android and iOS.

It provides single codebase to test the applications on several devices by using Xamarin cloud.  Interestingly, the code is practically 100% shareable with other mobile platforms. Integration of backends like Microsoft azure and parse can be done by the programmers at the same time.

Benefits of Xamarin Mobile App Development Framework:

  • Signle tech stack is offered to the user for quick app development
  • Sharing of the code is possible 75% across other platforms in different forms “run anywhere” and “write once”
  • It has a community of 60,000 contributors actively to serve about 3,700 organizations
  • C# is used by this platform for coding purpose representing seamless operation on a gamut of platforms


Regarded as the top framework in the development market, Adobe PhoneGap is truly one of the kinds! This cross-platform framework is highly preferred as it offers optimal free utility. Any sort of hardware, SDKs and compilers aren’t needed for this cloud-based tool to finish the app development project. It allows app Development Company in India for developing the applications on JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5.

Several solutions can be obtained by using this cloud-based framework. Any embedded web browser can be reflectable and a page of HTML. It is incredible for the users who want to develop a simple application or its interface only with 10 to 20 screens for small targeted audience.

Benefits of Phonegap Mobile App Development Framework:  

  • It is recognized as the developer-friendly development framework
  • Native functionality is provided to the users
  • Regarded as the augmented realty Cordova plugin
  • Enterprise-level app is offered for integrating market support


MIT has licensed this open-source cross platform app development framework. HTML5 is utilized by it for translation and it is much identical to its structure and design. Even some innovative elements of design have been inherited by it from Android and iOS.

By using it the developer can tailor native-like mobile apps for iOS and Android along with web app-like outlook. It is highly efficient for using in advanced mobile app projects for much needed-stability in the app prior to its market launch. It is also compatible with Cordove and PhoneGap as well.

With the characteristics of 120 native devices the app can be developed with the live loading. It is so; because every developmental phase of the app must be redeployed and compiled during development process which is really tedious!

Benefits of Ionic Mobile App Development Framework:

  • It is economical and cost-free
  • Comes with easy maintainable plugin
  • It supports the most advanced cell phone devices
  • Building of native-based apps is maintained
  • It offers a robust-grounded mobile app that is highly preferred these days

A broad as well as large spectrum is there for the mobile app development framework. As per the priority of the development project, portal can be picked by the respective Mobile app development company in India by the knowledge on the particular framework.

It will help in bringing a good ROI amount for the organization by delivering absolute excellent results. These frameworks can be your ultimate companion in building a robust app for your client.