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5 Effective Tips to Select the Right Payment Gateway Provider in India

There has been increasing number of new and emerging small businesses all over India. Thanks to e-commerce business that has made both trade and sales much easy and convenient in India and abroad. One problem that arises now is that the new entrepreneurs are facing problems with currency transfers done online. When they transfer money with foreign currencies or foreign bank accounts, this might require some time and be complicated for businesses. It is important to search for the best online payment gateway service provider to transfer website currency like Pay U Money. Go through this blog to follow these effective tips for finding the right one for e-commerce website.

  • Transaction fees –The payment gateway providers usually levy some fees for each transaction you make. Some may even charge set up fees for the service. These are main aspects for new businesses and you need to find one that charges affordable fees. You may even look for a service where there is no setup charge, unnecessary fees and reduced monthly subscription.
  • Know about available countries – Some services may only be available in India or few other countries. However, others can be found in all countries. If you want to conduct business in India, then select those services that can be paid easily. However, if you want to expand your business or sell internationally, secure payment gateway solutions can be used for different countries that will better serve your purpose.
  • Secure and convenient platform – You can turn clients away from your website by choosing a payment mode that either fails or is extremely complicated. If they become irritated by not able to make the payment, they will not only refuse to purchase from you buy might never return again. The most convenient mode of payment for e-commerce platform is that the customers can enter the payment details in a simple form, but it is not the safest method at all times.
  • Mobile optimization – Various online transactions and Internet usage are done with your mobile phones. As such, it is necessary for any e-commerce website to get optimized for making the mobile payments. According to BlueSnap, online businesses that cannot take this step will find themselves lagging behind and going out of their business. Make sure you select a payment gateway that can be utilized for mobile payments by means of one touch payment.
  • Credit and debit cards – Many online payment gateway solutions agree to accept only a few major credit and debit cards while others are found flexible in their options. It is important to allow customers make payments with all credit and debit cards as this makes their purchase much easy and convenient. This will help you improve your sales chances and earn huge profit even though the fees are a bit higher.

These effective tips will help you get more info to select the right payment gateway company for your website. Induji Technologies set up your payment gateways through API to expand your business and make more money overtime.