How Link Building can Boost Search Engine Ranking

How Link Building can Boost Search Engine Ranking

Link building is said to be the SEO procedure of getting inbound links that point to the website of your business from other sites. It increases search rankings as search engines consider quality links as a great sign of popularity.
Thus, if any local blogger visits your website and writes a blog post about it by posting a link to your site, the backlink generated is actually an important part of link building process.

  • How does the process work?

According to the experts working in a reputed Internet marketing company in India, if a blogger writes an article related to your products and services and gives a backlink to your site, it is a part of link building. There are various reasons why different websites would like to provide link to your website.

For example, your business website has a homepage, about us page and of course contact page. Other websites can give link to your homepage or do deep linking that occurs when any website provides link to a page than homepage.

  • Why do you need to think about link building?

Links are good for organic SEO as well as local SEO.

Inbound links is an important factor for ranking in organic searches. However, it has been revealed that content and inbound links are the two search ranking factors when conducting organic Google searches. 

This denotes that the amount of backlinks pointing to your site is the most important factor or second most important factor as to how the biggest search engine, Google ranks your website in organic searches.

Links are yet the most important part of search algorithms for organic searches. Thus, if you want your online business to be seen in organic searches, link building is a must factor.

Although links are an important factor for search engine ranking, yet they may have a positive or a negative effect on your site's ranking. High quality links generated from authentic sources will improve search rankings, however the links from untrustworthy sources will have a negative impact on rankings.

Inbound links are definitely good for local SEO because Google uses backlinks as an important factor to determine the ranking of your business in local searches.

Experts offering digital marketing services in India suggest that local business owners are trying to be visible in local searches because consumers are searching:

•    Huge number of people uses the Internet when they search for local products and services
•    A good percentage use online local search rather than phone books

Besides, online local searches may convert into store visits as half of the customers will visit a store within the next 24 hours after performing local search.

Prospective customers will browse the Internet to get local businesses. As such, local businesses are eager to know how to rank higher in local searches. There are several factors that determine local search ranking of a business, however link signals denote how search engines can rank the businesses in local searches.

Thus, if you want your online business to be visible in local searches, find options that can help build inbound links to your site. Before getting into how you should and should not build links, let’s discuss how search engines can find backlinks.

  • How do search engines find backlinks?

Search engines usually send “web crawlers” when finding different websites. Crawlers have been given the names such as Bingbot and Googlebot.

  • What Google says about crawlers:

“Crawlers look at webpages and follow links on those pages, much like you would if you were browsing content on the web. They go from link to link and bring data about those web pages back to Google’s servers.”

Thus, when a crawler searches for new inbound links to your website, they consider fresh links as an indication that other websites might think your site to be important.

  • What can you do for it?

Though link building may be an easy process, successful link building is quite difficult. 
Write informative and engaging content.

Creating quality content on a daily basis is one of the best ways for link building. However, writing a blogpost, creating an infographic or making a video only for generating links might not be of much help to you.

If you are posting content that prospective customers would reading, then it has to be something interesting for them. Try to write something that will provide value to the readers. 

  • Think about the local market

You may choose other local websites when thinking of local link building. Small businesses in your locality won’t get a ton of website traffic or have a great website, rather they will target the local audience.

When trying to build local relevance for your site, look for some imperfect local websites. Though they may not have the most authority, they are generally focused on specific geographical area. These local websites are simply great for building link to your website.

  • Consider to go offline

What can offline relationships actually do for local businesses? Well, your business is an important part of your locality and you know lots of people who will agree to link to your website.

In case you do not have much local contacts, consider making new friends. Look for local businesses, bloggers and websites and try to develop long term relationship before you might ask them about links.

  • Create something natural

These links are often considered as being unnatural by the search engines. It is easy to get such links as they can be created on your own.

Link signals are an important part of local search, however search engines give less importance on low-quality directory links.

The links to content you have created are actually considered as “natural” links. Search engines give a lot of importance on natural linksparticularly if those links have been generated from websites that are relevant to your specific location.

Link building is not something that can be done only once and then forget about it. Search engines prefer fresh, informative and quality content. There will always be places to look where you can post new content and share it. Local bloggers who have just started or new businesses that popped up in your locality can help in link building opportunities.