Guide to Starting Your Successful Mobile App Development Business

Guide to Starting Your Successful Mobile App Development Business

India is a global hub of app development. As a young and ambitious entrepreneur, you want to set your feet in the app development industry. But, do not know where to start from, right? The industry is one of the most promising ones, at present and is unbelievably competitive. So, it is better to get prepared to face the turbulence. Here are some helpful tips to secure your stepping stone in the industry.


Select between native and cross-platform development: According to experts from a reputed app Development Company in India, the best way to achieve success in this business is by delivering the most fluid apps that cater to unique client requirements. If you want to cater to the iOS platform, develop apps in Objective C. Whereas, your development platform must be Java and XML, if you want to work for Android users. The right coding is also important, as it will ensure high performance and the latest API support for your developed apps. As a beginner, it is better to start small and focus on a single platform at a time. Gradually, as you gain experience, it will be easier to work on multi-platform app development.


The money factor: Revenue is the most crucial factor for any mobile app development company. Remember that the ratio of revenue generated at Apple App Store to Google Play is 8 is to 1. Thus, developing your apps on the iOS platform seems to be more profitable. But, Android apps run on a larger number of devices and are downloaded in larger volume.


Choose between App Store and Google Play: The Apple App Store hardly promotes a rookie developer, whereas Google is well-reputed for promoting new developers. Keeping this in mind, you should set your goal. If you plan to generate higher downloads within a shorter time frame, the Android platform is certainly the ideal choice.


The design aspect: Experts from both iPhone and Android app development companies, stress on creating a flawless design for developing smart, fluid apps. Here are some important factors that you need to be careful about to achieve success.

  • Make sure, all your graphical elements are pixel-perfect
  • Design big buttons, larger fonts and attractive icons
  • Remove any possible flaw
  • Carefully design your icons to grab your customers’ attention
  • Carefully test your design on every existing screen size, including ldpi, mdpi, hdpi and xhdpi

The tips given above will prove helpful in ways more than one in course of time.