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Facts and Reasons to Consider .Brand TLDs for Your Business

Top-level domain or TLD is the extension or suffix of a website. The most common TLD in the world is (dot).com, whereas other popular TLDs include org, edu, gov and net. Back in 2012, ICANN (Internet Committee for Assigned Names and Numbers) announced to extend extensions for website URLs or web addresses beyond the existing ones. Moreover, they do not have only to be Roman alphabets but can be Chinese characters as well. Thus, the day is not very far away when .facebook and .coke TLDs will come into existence.


Why the idea of .brand domains gaining momentum

(dot).brand domains are expected to:

  • Improve user/customer experience and
  • Help in search engine marketing

Apart from boosting user experience and advertising, experts are also of the opinion that it will improve brand health for a long period of time.


Businesses are moving on with time

An increasing number of top global brands are moving on with time and switching over to .brand domains. There are about 600 (dot).brand extensions in the world at present, covering all the major industrial sectors. If you are still uncertain about which way to move, here are some factors that you should consider in advance.

  • Unlike that of the past, modern websites are too large and complicated to navigate.
  • Inefficient CTAs (Call to Action) that fail to inspire consumers to act in the way advisers desire.
  • Now, customers are getting easily distracted and going to some other site while searching specific content.


It is expected that (dot).brand domains can resolve all the issues mentioned above. Moreover, the approach will also provide digital content of a brand its unique identity. Under the lights of the latest development, it is obvious that Internet surfing will be much different in near future as compared to that of the present.