Effective Ways to Make Payment for Your Online Customers

Do you know that most customers avoid making purchase due to payment issues? Well, if you really want to improve the conversion rate and of course, sales, it is important to make payment easy and comfortable for your valuable customers. As such, checkout page is extremely important and it is the ultimate place where people come to shop around from your website. They have to give their credit card details and finally make the payment online for the purchase done. Read on to know some payment gateway solutions to make the process convenient for the customers.

  • Different methods for payment – Some websites provide only one method for payment.  Statistics show that most customers want different options for payment to make the procedure convenient. Though it is not necessary to offer various payment methods, you want to have a look at the targeted customers to know which method of payment they prefer. This will enable way to grab attention of majority of people to visit your site. For example, you may allow direct bank transfer as well as credit card payments.
  • Allow payments without creating an account – Do you really require creating an account for making the payments? When you force people for signing up, most of them may not want to do so. Experts working at Induji Technologies have said, many customers really do not know why they have to sign up for purchasing any product. However, professionals integrate the payment gateways which creates more fields for the buyers and delays the payment process. Allow your prospective customers to check in as a guest user and make online payments. This will make things much easier for such people.
  • Deliver the perfect design – Obviously, you want to keep everything consistent from the branding point of view. This means using the same fonts, colors and designs on your checkout page so that you may be able to improve the recognition of your brand from business perspective. There are some online payment providers that deliver customised frontend, however you have full control on the look of your checkout page. Try to keep the design same on all channels just like checkout page to increase your brand awareness.
  • Do not redirect customers – You have tried a lot to get more traffic for your website. Now, you simply cannot afford to send them to another website. This is the disadvantage of using PayPal service that redirects people away from your site to a checkout page. As you do not have any control on the design of checkout page, most customers think if they are giving money to business other than the one from where they are actually making the purchase. Checking out and making the payment is the last thing customers have done and so, you want them to remember your business name.
  • Make easy to fix errors – Sometimes, it might happen that a zip code is being overlooked or someone forgets to add “@” when creating their email address. In this case, you need to point out the error and get it corrected. Some checkout pages show an error message on the top of webpage, but most people don’t know they have to scroll the entire page to know what went wrong. A smart tip is to save the information submitted by the customers in order to make it convenient for you.

The above-discussed tips will make it easy for people to use online payment gateway options when making any purchase. This will boost sales and create a great experience for people to return back to your website.