Challenges faced by SEO for Algorithm Updates and Search Trends

Challenges faced by SEO for Algorithm Updates and Search Trends

Search Engine Optimsation or SEO is a big investment like other forms of marketing channels. Whether you are hiring the service of a digital marketing agency or taking help of in-house resources, SEO is never free. It is essential to create your SEO strategy for execution in order to use the most of SEO time.

One of the challenges of SEO strategies is search engines like Google are shifting their ranking factors and bringing new updates almost every day. As such, SEO tactics should enable regular updates with the change in search engine requirements.

SEO consists of several departments across an organization which is bigger than marketing department. Earlier, Google has indicated that the links in press releases has to be nofollow. In such cases, SEO managers working at the reputed digital marketing company in India will have to communicate further to bring change in public relation team.

If you are managing various marketing responsibilities like advertising, email marketing and much more, it might be difficult to remain up to date on several challenges you may be working with.

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It is not at all a big surprise that the resources that help in executing SEO are quite challenging. With SEO touching different aspects of marketing activities of an organization, it requires a lot of effort to execute all SEO efforts that should take place for the business.

However, this can be quite daunting as SEO requires time and every managing director do not have proper knowledge and patience to attain the most desired result that brings back ROI conversion.

Google launched a video that might be helpful for SEO expectations. In this video, it has been explained how SEO should be hire and what to expect within 4 to 12 months to see some changes after SEO expert from a digital marketing agency has put their effort on a website.

Often, online marketers do not have access on some specific platforms like accounting systems, CRM systems and much more. Without having access to revenue data, marketers are challenged for demonstrating business value of a channel.

When it is about calculating ROI, the “crawl before you walk” is the approach highly suggested. By creating a ROI workbook, you can auto calculate the ROI of any channel. The more data you may fill, the closer you will reach for measuring ROI and SEO value. In the meantime, check which data is missing and ask for them from the owner.

It is quite surprising to know that nearly 33% have not checked their SEO strategy. With rapid change in organic search, your business may not be visible to users if you do not have enough resources or lose confidence.

While making your SEO strategy and then updating it on a daily basis, make sure you audit the analytics and keep their track. Know about documentation and Google Analytics’ annotations so that when there is any change on the tracking system, you can check why some anomalies are still there in the dataset.

It is also important to take into consideration how you maintain the track record of online marketing companies, as of now. If you are having B2B and using CRM tool, track lead source for organic search and how often does the field update.

After you keep thorough tracking of the data, an effective SEO strategy will help measure as you adapt it regularly for fulfilling the changing needs of search engines.