6 Reputed Companies Focusing on Bitcoin and Blockchain Development

Are you aware about the latest blockchain technology that enables you to develop business models? If yes, then both companies as well as entrepreneurs are doing it throughout the world. While some of the projects depend on bitcoin blockchain others support Ethereum. However, bitcoin and blockchain development services are gaining popularity in today’s world.


Induji Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Induji Technologies is also becoming a leading blockchain development company. Our dedicated and efficient team of experts is engaged in bitcoin and cryptocurrency development services which are the latest services in the market. We can help our valuable customers with these services in future.



As Circle moved from Bitcoin, it was hardly a matter of time when the company disclosed their new plans. Though Circle uses bitcoin as a “rail” for making international payments, they are working on Ethereum applications too. In reality, the company is now using Ethereum’s blockchain for “Spark” venture.



Brave browser possesses the ability to modify advertisement view experience while browsing the Internet is an added advantage. It has been announced by Brave that they will give incentive to the users, They also are willing to pay browser users for turning on the advertisements. Though the browser has the option of bitcoin payment, this will enable users to tip content developers and view things in a different way.

A digitalized token known as Basic Attention Token might be released by the end of this year. Most of these coins will be sold to the investors during an ICO. This new token is Ethereum-based that has an important role in the digital advertising platform. The source code for this platform will be open source on GitHub in this year.



Storj project had been designed on bitcoin blockchain. However, it seems that the the team has completely changed their mind. In an announcement, they explained that they are bringing forth Counterparty-based Storj token which is called SJCX over Ethereum blockchain. The reason behind this change includes – mounting bitcoin transaction fees, delays and lack of development by Counterparty platform.



The Factom project is quite interesting. The company attaches important data into bitcoin blockchain though they anchor into Ethereum too. This approach will secure information can be protected in all situations. This also shows blockchains have their important role to play for distributed ledger-based products as well as services.


Blockchain Capital

Blockchain Capital is a key investor in different kinds of blockchain-based projects. They have invested millions of dollars into the bitcoin blockchain-based projects, however they are not able to concentrate on it completely. The company is serious about Ethereum, and they have begun to deploy their fund towards early-stage Ethereum-oriented investments.

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