amazon polly wordpress plugin

Amazon Polly WordPress Plugin - Turn Your Blog Posts into Podcasts and Audio

Technology has gone past the wonders of the digital data and the Internet and has entered into a brand new zone with Amazon launching a concept WordPress plugin, named Polly. This plugin is capable to create an audio version of your posts, thus giving a voice to your blog. This audio file can be played from the blog post itself. If you want, you can even access it in podcast form by using the feature called Amazon Pollycast. 

As a result of this development, WordPress developers in India are prepared to take up new challenges. This plugin is expected to facilitate substantial changes in customizing WordPress websites. The development of the plugin was a joint venture of the Amazon AWS team and WordPress platform provider, WP Engine. 

Machine Learning at newer heights 

A hint about this plugin development was given by Amazon in November 2016, at its Developer Event. Polly makes use of the machine learning (ML) technologies to provide life-like speeches. The plugin is smart enough to understand the same word is pronounced differently based on its application. For example, the word ‘live’ has the same spelling but Polly pronounces it differently in the phrases “I live in Delhi” and “Live from Kolkata”. 

Multi-language support

Thus, Amazon Polly is expected to take WordPress customization in India and abroad to newer heights of glory. In comparison to some other voice-to-text engines, voices sound more natural and realistic in Polly. As of now, Polly has support for as many as 29 languages, covering all the regions in the AWS partition. 

Advanced features

It even supports advanced features like whispering, timber effect, speech marks and dynamic range compression. It can turn any digital text – including blog posts, news, articles, PDF files, RSS feeds and others – into audio format. As it comes as WordPress plugin, Amazon Polly is more easily available to a wider audience. 

Criteria and configuration

You can avail this plugin irrespective of whether you’re running your own installation on WordPress using your own infrastructure (either managed or hosted) or on AWS. According to many companies who provide WordPress development services in India, Polly requires a little configuration and this may pop up a challenge to the people, who are technically not very strong. 

Wide flexibility

The plugin after being set up sends a signal to Amazon Polly whenever a blog post is published or updated. Considering the unbelievable flexibility it offers, this is indeed a concept plugin. It can not only read posts allowed but also allows to configure different voices for different bylines, different voices for the texts wrapped under quotations and so on. 

Podcasters in the loop

According to experts working in a renowned WordPress website development company in India, Polly has offerings for podcasters too. It offers a unique feature called Pollycast. It allows controlling the parameters for iTunes that are generated in the RSS feeds.

Considering all these facts, it is right to say WordPress development and customization is about to experience a sharp bend in the road.